Measuring efficiency

TorqueTest direct method captures mechanical efficiency to within 0.1% accuracy. Gearbox efficiency improvement can exceed several electric motor IE-class or NEMA Premium (approx. 1% every 4 year) improvements.

Energy savings: efficiency figures in mechanical transmission components

Power loss in gearboxes, V-belts, toothed belts, couplings, chains, etc. is an undervalued point. For this are two reasons:

  • Efficiency improvements at levels between 90% and 100% are considered to irrelevant
  • Mechanical power losses could not be measured with sufficient and reproducible accuracy

TorqueTest direct loss test method:

Measures power loss up to one hundredth percent from no load to maximum load.


A setup for V-belts and toothed belts for loads up to 20 kW, 2000 rpm and 200 Nm with 100 Nm belt load showed power loss measured to within 10 Nmm

TorqueTest direct loss test on belts and gearboxes showed:

  • real life efficiency is usually lower than the optimal catalogue rating, which is for nominal load only this measured power loss is an even larger percentage of real life gearbox load, which is usually only part of gearbox rated capacity.
  • The TorqueTest direct loss method can be used for any power level, for example for wind energy gearboxes in MW power range with other lubrication or shaft seals.

With belts, chains, drive shafts, couplings, etc. misalignment or radial loads are clearly displayed in power loss figures.

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