Brake stand

For gearboxes friction brake stands are the most versatile and cost effective of test stand layouts. These installations require the least amount of auxiliary parts and rigging time, effort and personnel. Brake stands have a wide useful torque range and nearly infinite speed range because a friction brake works from zero speed up to very high speeds.

Therefore a friction brake test stand usually has no need for a speedup gearbox with extra connecting couplings and alignments. Matching a speed gearbox for suitable power capacity, layout and ratio requires an increasing range of smaller and larger, parallel and right angle, high and low ratio speedup gearboxes. Although a gearbox manufacturer gets this from his in-house production range, it involves extra cost, maintenance and storage.

Also sound level measurements would be influenced by a second auxiliary gearbox. Friction brakes are usually quiet enough to have no disturbing influence. For example brake stands with 100 Nm or 300,000 Nm both are cannot be hears above electric motor(auxiliary part) + gearbox (=test object).

TorqueTest BV

Brake stand features:

  • Torque range air cooled – 1 Nm to   10,000 Nm – 10 lb-in to 100,000 lb-in
  • Torque range water cooled – 100 Nm to 300,000 Nm – 1,000 lb-in to 265,000 lb-in
  • Speed range – 1 rpm to 3000 rpm
  • Continuous power – up to 100 kW air cooled – up to 1,000 kW water cooled
  • Minimal auxiliary transmission parts like couplings
  • Easy rigging for a wide range of gearboxes i.e. torque – speed combinations
  • Low cost investment
  • Short rigging time for gearbox test setup compared to alternative layouts
  • Small space footprint compared to alternative layouts
  • Friction material life in typical test stand use many years
  • Smaller air cooled brake stands available in cost effective standardized construction
  • Standardized 10,000 – 100,000 Nm or 100,000 to 1,000,000 in-lb water cooled brake stands
  • TorqueMeter low cost electronic torque –speed – power measurement and data acquisition hard- and software available
  • Customer specific control panels software and data acquisition hardware and software possible