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TorqueTest is specialized in equipment for load testing of rotating power transmission components:

  • dsc00302rev1Reducers, Gearboxes
  • Motors: Electric , Hydraulic , Pneumatic
  • Toothed and V-belts
  • Flexible (contact) Couplings
  • Magnetic (non-contact) couplings
  • Drive or Cardan Shafts
  • Torque Limiters

dsc01141rev1TorqueTest is specialized in rotating and non-rotating torque testing installations. This can be described as:

  • Generating torque load and speed
  • Controlling torque load and speed
  • Measuring torque load and speed

If the test object is, or includes, a motor, the testing installation is to generate the torque load for this motor.

If the test object is transmission component (gearbox, belt, coupling, etc.) the test installation comprises both a driving (motor) and a braking (brake, generator, 4-square) part.

TorqueTest BV

TorqueTest installation layouts:

  1. Air and water cooled friction brake stands
  2. 4-square mechanical power multiplier installations
  3. Motor – Generator installations
  4. Efficiency: mechanical loss detection with 0.01% to 0.10% accuracy
  5. Static torque test stands for hub-shaft connections

The procedure to acquire a test stand involves 4 to 6 stages:

  1. Information stage – informing customer about testing possibilities
  2. Consulting stage – feasibility study layouts, performance limits and cost levels
  3. Enquiry specification stage – writing an enquiry specification enabling supplier quotation
  4. Supply stage design, production, assembly, commissioning of test stand
  5. Training stage – training test stand personnel about operating procedures
  6. Calibration services – Regular calibration of measuring equipment